Boat captain recommends others contact VB Attorneys for help

Odis sat down with Brian and Lena to talk about how we helped him and what advice he has for others.

Odis: " Yeah - I really appreciate everything y’all have done. Brian, everybody. They’ve helped me out a lot and took care of me and everything."

Brian: "So, Odis, one of the things we like to do at the end of these cases , uh, is kind of ask whether you have any advice, having gone through the lawsuit process and kind of seeing what happens. If you have any advice for anybody that might be looking at going through a similar situation as yours."

Odis: "Hmm. Well, you know, I’d give them advice to contact y’all. That y’all are good lawyers, you know. That's - I mean, I’ve had a lot of questions myself you know to ask about things and stuff that I couldn’t answer by myself if it wouldn’t be for y'all, you know. So I’d recommend ‘em, you know, to, as one of the things you know, to talk to y’all about it but - uh - the thing that I’ve got, that botulism stuff, is real rare.  And I don’t know what to tell people other that just watch what they eat you know about that. Because I’ve been through a lot of stuff, you know that, and I wouldn’t wish this stuff on anybody."

Brian: "Thank you again for - for - letting Lena and I represent you."

Odis: "Well, thank you and Lena both, all of you, for helping me get through all this stuff. Y'all have helped me out a lot."

Brian: "You happy?"

Odis: "Yeah, I’m happy."

Brian: "Good. I’m happy for you. Good to see you, buddy."


Brian Beckcom
Highest Possible 10/10 AVVO ranking. Husband. Father. Fisherman.