Attorney Byron Alfred Joins the VB Attorneys Team

Byron Alfred is a lawyer at VB Attorneys. He was inspired at an early age when he realized he had a knack for helping people.

The most satisfaction he gets from his work here is resolving cases. Recently, he settled a case for a client who had been injured, and when her case settled she was happy. When she came in the office to finalize her settlement, she hugged everyone and it was a really positive, lasting moment.

Byron grew up in Port Arthur, Texas - a small town about an hour outside of Houston.  Quite a few offshore workers live there, but it is mostly a refinery town. Most people work in refineries, including Byron's dad. He knows what it feels like to go to bed at night and wonder if your dad is going to make it home in the morning. 

That was one major incentive to go to law school - knowing that so many of his friends and neighbors felt that sense of dread each day when their loved ones would go off to work. Now, representing refinery workers and their families, Byron knows he's relieving that sense of dread with each case settlement.

To find out more about Byron or contact him, check out his bio page.