Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Fear New Texas Law

"Ambulance chasing" refers to a practice where lawyers unethically contact injury victims in an attempt to get their case. It is also called "case running" and "barratry."

If your lawyer found you, rather than the other way around, then you are a victim of barratry and you may be entitled to monetary compensation from your attorney. 

It has always been improper for attorneys to engage in barratry, whether they personally do it or have a "runner" do it. Just recently, the Texas legislature beefed up its efforts to stop this practice by enacting Section 82.0651 of the Texas Government Code.

This law gives a formal legal claim to injury victims who were improperly solicited by their lawyer, including the opportunity to levy a $10,000 fine and collect attorney fees. Further, victims of ambulance chasing could potentially force their attorney to refund the entire contingency fee on their case.

Our law firm is glad the Texas legislature has enacted this law and we believe this law serves a very positive purpose.  

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Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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