Vuk Discusses the Greyhound I-80 Accident

On October 9th, a Greyhound bus, which was traveling from New York to Chicago, crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer on I-80 in central Pennsylvania. One passenger was killed and dozens more were injured in the crash.

Our law firm is representing one of the passengers, who was critically injured and has undergone several surgeries. We were selected because our experience in handling Greyhound Bus accident cases nationwide and our ability to get great results for our clients.

We have filed the first lawsuit against Greyhound based on the I-80 crash. We have retained an accident investigation expert to photograph, videotape, measure, and document all of the findings at the accident scene. We are also serving subpoenas on governmental entities and seeking copies of the police department's investigation materials, which will reflect the officer's determinations of who was responsible for the crash, and may also contain statements of the Greyhound bus driver and other passengers.

All of this information will be critical for any other passengers who are seeking to hold Greyhound accountable for their injuries.

Here at VB Attorneys, we have a history of helping injured victims obtain the compensation they deserve against Greyhound. We recently settled a lawsuit very similar to this one, in which a Greyhound bus struck a tractor trailer in North Carolina. The reason why we handle so many Greyhound cases is because Greyhound’s corporate offices are located here in Texas, which is where much of the litigation concerning the I-80 crash will take place.

If you have any questions about what's happening in our lawsuit against Greyhound, or if you were injured in the accident and need help, contact us today.  

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.