"I can rest at night knowing you are taking care of me and my family."

Tankerman thanks VB Attorneys for Helping Take Care of His Family During Lawsuit

In 2012, Lewis was working as a tankerman on a barge. While preparing for a 5,000 pound motor to be lowered onto the barge, Lewis was inserting a screw on the frame that would hold the motor. He told the crane operator to wait for him to finish his job, but suddenly the motor dropped, crushing his thumb. After several surgeries, Lewis realized he'd never be able to work as a tankerman again. He hired our firm to help him pursue a Jones Act lawsuit in 2012, and he emailed Curtis Bickers to thank him for everything he's done for Lewis:

"We would like to THANK you and VB Attorneys so much for all the help and hard work you're doing. We appreciate your assistance with making sure our financial needs are met during this process. It has been a joy getting to know all of you. The family atmosphere really made us feel welcome in your office.

"Everyone has been so helpful and attentive to our needs. I can rest at night knowing that you are making sure my family will be taken care of. When asked who is my attorney, I'm proud to say Curtis with VB Attorneys.

"Thanks again,

Lewis and Nicole C."

Lewis C., Tankerman who was hurt working on a barge, Houston, Texas