“Vuk, thank you for the excellent testimony. It helped my son.”

“Mr. Vujasinovic . . . I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the AMAZING testimony you got on the Juarez v. Canal Cartage matter.  You absolutely crusehd this guy, and it’s about time!  I was SO happy to come across that testimony and pull the Notice of Censure from the AANS.  It was just what I needed to support my objection to the use of Dr. Barrash for my son’s IME.  If you ask me – this doctor could examine a cadaver and find nothing wrong and return him to work! I especially enjoyed your firm’s posting where you providing the 04/02/13 Correction to add that Dr. Barrash called your office and called the AANS a ‘kangaroo court’.  Hilarious!

Thanks for doing such an incredible job.  It’s about time someone put this near thirty year reign of terror to a screeching halt!  Excellent – Excellent job.  I took the pleasure of sharing it with various attorneys in the area and we all got a big kick out of reading it!”

Sr. Paralegal at Texas law firm

Here is the article that contains the information referred to in the above comment:  Houston Neurosurgeon J. Martin Barrash, M.D. Censured By American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)

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