“VB Attorneys worked everything out for me.”

When Emily was t-boned by a driver in September 2014, she turned to us right away. She’d hurt her neck and back in the accident, and from having grown up with a paralegal in the family, knew she needed help to win her injury claim against GEICO. We helped her get the medical treatment she needed right away and negotiated a good settlement with GEICO. Her case settled in January 2015, and we are excited for her to continue her promising career in nursing.

After her case settled, she sat down to talk about her experience working with us on her case:

“Hi, my name is Emily and I was t-boned and I got hurt in my car accident. Luckily, my aunt – I’ve grown up with a paralegal – so I kind of knew about how insurance worked and stuff like that. So luckily I had her to turn to whenever I got hurt.

“VB Attorneys helped settle my case and worked everything out for me. If you’re hurt, you should definitely think about calling VB Attorneys.”

Emily W., Nursing Student, Pasadena, Texas

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