“Kenneth, thank you for showing our client that we believe in her.”

Kenneth presented a case to the 1st Court of Appeals recently. Curtis went to hear Kenneth’s oral argument and sent us this inspiring email.

“I attended Kenneth’s oral argument today before the 1st Court of Appeals. This case involved a very nice lady who was injured while working for her employer and was a client of mine. Unfortunately, her employer happened to be a hospital, and the Supreme Court of Texas gutted her case a year and a half ago with the Texas West Oaks hospital decision.

Kenneth volunteered to take her appeal on and has fought the hard fight. I can only imagine how many hundreds of hours Kenneth has put into trying to reverse this decision by the Texas Supreme Court.

I was proud today. I was impressed today. But more importantly, so was the client, who attended the oral hearing. Dressed up in her Sunday-best and curious, our client had the opportunity to watch an attorney fighting for her. She saw an attorney believe in her. She saw an attorney who was beyond well-prepared. Kenneth was her hero today.

Kenneth stood before three extremely intelligent justices and answered every question as if he knew they were going to ask the question. I was proud of Kenneth today. I was impressed with Kenneth today. I was honored to work alongside Kenneth today and be a part of the same firm. But once again, most importantly, our client knew he was fighting for her. And she was proud.

Kenneth, thank you for showing our client that we believe in her. Thank you for making our firm shine today. Winning the appeal is a long-shot, but you took the shot. And I would not have wanted anyone else taking it.

Curtis Bickers, Partner at VB Attorneys, Texas

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