“This firm was able to do what another law firm didn’t.”

Esperanza was run over by a truck in September 2014, suffering multiple broken bones. The driver of the truck, a family friend, had been drinking, had gotten in a fight with his estranged spouse, and then drove off in his pickup truck, running over Esperanza and not stopping. He testified in his deposition that he was afraid of getting in trouble for having caused Esperanza’s injuries, but refused to help her in any way.

She hired another law firm to help her, but they told her she wouldn’t be able to recover any money. She found us, we took on her case, helped her get some of her medical bills paid by the Crime Victims’ Fund, and obtained a settlement for her that is confidential. After her case settled, she wrote about how we helped her:

“This is to let the future clients of VB Attorneys know you have chose a fine lawyer firm. When I came to them my health and financial situation was very bad. This firm was able to do what another law firm didn’t. I received a very big settlement that I surely didn’t expect. From day one that I came in I have received smiles from everyone. The staff is friendly and patient. I appreciate them and highly recommend them!”

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