“Brian did an awesome job.”

“I retained Brian Beckcom to represent me. He did an awesome job… Thank you so much for everything. God bless.”

Robert worked for Kirby Marine as a deckhand, and he hired us to help him after he was injured on the job.

After his case settled, he sat down to talk about his experience working with VB Attorneys. Here’s what he has to say:

“Hello, My name is Robert. I’m a US Vet. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I was  there for five years. I started working at an offshore company. Shortly afterward I got hurt. I retained Brian Beckcom to represent me. He did an awesome job. Actually he got me more money than I had expected to get, so that’s awesome. The staff itself, they were awesome. They were always attentive to my questions. So I recommend anybody that works for offshore drilling companies to retain Brian Beckcom. Thank you.”

Robert G., injured deckhand, McAllen, Texas

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