How to Win Your Injury Case

How to Win Your Personal Injury Case

As soon as you begin the lawsuit process, you're essentially entering a war zone. You will be fighting an insurance company that doesn't want to pay you, their attorneys who will work hard to reduce the insurer's liability, or your company's attorneys who don't want the company to be held liable for its negligence.

How to Win Your Injury Case is a guide to understanding what it means to win or lose your case. It is not legal advice; instead, this book is meant to enlighten you on what goes into a successful case. Essentially, it's a guide to how you can win the war.

Brian Beckcom will show you the common factors he sees in cases that are won. He will answer the most common questions asked by injured people and their families. What he will describe in the book is based on what he has seen in his many years of handling injury cases.

"Did you wake up one day and think that today would be the day you would be in an accident? Of course you did not. No one thinks that way. But here you are, either dealing with an injury from an accident or helping your injured family member recover. Either way, it is important that you get an idea of how personal injury cases are won (and lost)."

This excerpt from the book highlights why Brian wrote this guide. Injured people and their families don't plan on getting hurt. But, when it happens, they need to know what to do. How to Win Your Injury Case is designed to answer many of the questions you might have and to also warn you about the things that can hurt your chances of recovering money for your case.


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