What You Need to Know to Win Your FELA Claim

FREE Injury Lawyers’ Guide to Winning a Railroad Injury Case

Railroad accidents are serious, life-changing events. If someone you love has been injured in a railroad work accident, your life has no doubt been overwhelmed by medical bills, pain and suffering, considerable loss of income, and maybe even wrongful death.


If you have been involved in a railroad injury, you need to get The Insider's Guide to Winning Your Railroad Injury Accident Case.

Attorney Brian Beckcom is Board Certified in Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has dedicated 100% of his practice to handling serious injury and death cases, including handling cases for injured railroad workers. Mr. Beckcom has compiled all the information railroad injury victims need to know in this easy-to-follow guide, and is providing it FREE of charge to injured railroad workers and the families of railroad workers who have been killed on the job.

Before you file your railroad injury claim, you need to know

  • The five biggest mistakes injury workers make in railroad injury cases
  • If you should hire an attorney for your case
  • Special laws that apply to FELA or railroad injury cases
  • Who should pay for your medical bills
  • How you can get paid for your time off work
  • Who can bring a claim if a loved one is killed in a railroad injury case 
  • What kind of settlement you can expect in a railroad injury case
  • If your attorney is qualified to handle your railroad injury case


Get answers to these questions and more today. 


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