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Usually, this page on a website is filled with a bunch of boring sentences about how wonderful the company is and provides terrible or inaccurate driving directions to the office.

We aren't going to bore you or give you poor directions. 

Instead, we want to give you the chance to hear from our former Client Relations Specialist and some of our former clients about their experiences working with our firm.

Maria worked as our Client Relations Specialist for four years. She recently went on to conquer new adventures, but before she left, she sat down and talked about what she enjoyed about her job at VB Attorneys:

Frank was injured working as a roustabout on a Hercules Offshore rig. He was worried about his financial future and the future of his career. Hercules was not treating him well after his injury. Frank hired VB Attorneys to help him win his Jones Act injury claim. After his case settled, he sat down to talk about his experience as our client, and he has an important message for other offshore workers who have been injured:

Caleshia is a single mom who was badly injured in an 18-wheeler accident. After several surgeries and an intensive recovery period, she knew she needed help. Watch her talk about how she feels after we obtained a six figure settlement for her:

A career longshoreman, Inocencio was crushed by a gantry crane while supervising a crew cleaning the hold of a barge. He was in a coma for three months after the accident and underwent several major operations to repair the damage done by the crane. He hired VB Attorneys to pursue a case against the company that owned the barge, and we were able to obtain a confidential settlement that will take care of his medical needs for the rest of his life:

Seven years ago, Johnny's career as a logger came to a crashing halt when he was hit in the head by a log working for an East Texas logging company. He suffered a massive and permanent brain injury and had to have the whole right side of his skull reconstructed. The brain damage and loss to his vision in his right eye prevented him from working again. He and his wife hired VB Attorneys to pursue a third party case against the logging company. Brian was able to obtain a four million dollar settlement for him. We sat down with Johnny and his wife, Carolin, recently to find out how their lives have changed since their case settled:

You can always check out more testimonials by our clients and, if you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletter. The newsletter, like this page is not what you'd expect to receive from a bunch of lawyers. It's 95% interesting information and success stories, and 5% stories about cases that we're handling.