Woman receives maximum sentence after fatal Texas car accident

Posted on Feb 27, 2009

A woman responsible for the death of a man was convicted of intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to prison this week.  The woman, Amanda Lynn Doyle, 25, also injured the Montgomery man’s wife and children in the accident, which occurred about a year ago.


Doyle received a maximum 20 years in jail for the manslaughter charge and also received the maximum 10 year sentence for each of four counts of intoxication assaults.  She will serve her sentences concurrently.


When arrested, Doyle had a blood alcohol level of 0.17, which is more than twice the legal limit.  She smashed head-on with a vehicle being driven by Daniel Hottman last February.  Hottman’s wife and three children ages 22, 12, and 9 were also in the vehicle.


Doyle admitted to drinking alcohol and consuming “a number of intoxicating prescription drugs”.  At the time of the accident, she was free on bail after being arrested for drug possession.  She was also on probation for misdemeanor marijuana possession.