VB Files Lawsuit Against BNSF on Behalf of Injured Railroad Worker

Posted on Feb 08, 2013


Vujasinovic and Beckcom has been hired to represent a former railroad employee in his personal injury action against BNSF. After suffering multiple knee injuries on the job, our client wanted to know his legal options and contacted V&B Attorneys. Our client decided to pursue his right under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

FELA was enacted early in the 20th century to protect the rights of railroad workers. As work increased on the railroads and our rail infrastructure grew, Congress found it necessary to respond to the growing number of deaths and injuries sustained by railroad workers. Now, instead of having claims paid based on a pre-determined benefits schedule, injured workers are able to claim damages for pain and suffering,in addition to past and future medical costs.

Our client, a former machine-operator for BNSF, injured both knees after stepping in a hole dug out of the ballast. Our client was worried that he missed the applicable deadline to file suit since his injuries occurred in August of 2010. After informing him of his rights and the 3-year statute of limitations, we filed suit on our client’s behalf against BNSF.

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