VB Attorneys hired for work injury lawsuit against Costco in Houston

Posted on Jun 19, 2013

Costco employee files injury lawsuit

A Costco employee who was injured on the job in Houston has hired our law firm to help him with his work injury claim.  Costco does not have workers compensation insurance, so they are called a "non-subscriber."  Because Costco chooses to operate without workers comp, when its employees are injured on the job, they can directly sue Costco for compensation due to their injuries.  If Cosco had this insurance, then injured employees would be forced to assert their claim in the workers compensation system, which typically provides less benefits than a work injury lawsuit.

Soon after this injury, this Costco employee was approached by an insurance adjuster who was demanding he give a "recorded statement."  He smartly refused.  Costco is also interfering with his medical treatment.  It seems that Costco's insurance company is up to the same old tricks used by most insurance companies after someone is hurt.

In a non-subscriber case like this, the injured worker is entitled to request compensation for all elements allowed under Texas law.  We will be seeking the maximum compensation for this client, and we will take steps to ensure Costco follows the law in its treatment of its employee.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
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