VB Attorneys' case featured in Texas Lawyer

Posted on Jul 22, 2013

The Texas Lawyer recently published an article on product liability issues, and discussed a burn injury work-related product liability case handled by VB Attorneys Vuk and Kenneth.  

The author of the article, Quentin Brogdon, notes how Texas laws have been set up that make it more difficult for injured parties to recover from companies who do not manufacture a product, but sell it - "retailers."

Mr. Brogdon notes that our law firm was able to defeat motions for summary judgment filed by such retailers on the basis of these laws.

This is an example of a situation where, even if the laws may be somewhat stacked against our client, we often still prevail.

Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.