VB Attorneys Does Whatever It Takes to Help Clients Injured By Defective Can-Am Spyders

Posted on Sep 27, 2012
Can-Am Spyders Recalled for Fire Hazard
Photo Credit: ijustwant2ride.com

Injured Houston Motorcyclist hired V&B Attorneys to investigate the cause of her accident, which occurred while she was riding her Can-Am Spyder. As evidence disappears over time, we immediately gained access to and control of the motorcycle involved in the accident. This allowed us to establish and maintain a chain of custody as we conducted our investigation into the cause of her accident. For several reasons, including preserving evidence and testing the vehicle, it is important to maintain control over the vehicle after an accident.

Since then, V&B has conducted a vehicle inspection and has downloaded information from the Spyder's computer. We worked with the Spyder's manufacturer and component part makers in order to obtain the software and tools necessary to perform the information download, and we were able to gain valuable information about the Spyder's systems in the minutes prior to the malfunction and subsequent accident.

V&B uses the information we learn from our accident investigations to build our clients' cases. Our role in investigating our clients' accidents and finding out the root causes of the accidents not only helps them win their cases but helps protect others from defective and dangerous motorcycles.    

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