Two Oil Field Workers Killed Near Fort Bend County

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

Just after 3:00 in the afternoon on Monday, a 911 call was made from an oil field owned by Maverick Drilling located just outside of Fort Bend County.  Two men had been electrocuted when they came into contact with a live power line.  

Emergency responders arrived at the scene and found several workers trying to help the two men.  They administered CPR and both men were transported to Houston area hospitals.  Unfortunately, their injuries were fatal.

Initial reports from the accident scene suggest that a crane struck an overhead power line near the men.  It is unclear if they were struck directly by the power line, or if their injuries were caused by coming into contact with the crane.  

"This is a terrible accident, but it definitely could have been prevented," said Vuk Vujasinovic, experienced attorney that specializes in cases like this.  "There are safety standards that OSHA puts in place for a reason," said Vujasinovic.  "It will be very important to investigate whether or not they were in place at the work site when this incident occurred."

Mr. Vujasinovic's law firm, VB Attorneys has executed several independant investigations on behalf of their clients.  "It is important that we investigate our cases ourselves because larger companies will try to minimize their contribution to the accident, or in many cases claim the victim was at fault."

If you have questions about this incident, please contact our office at 877-224-7800 or simply fill out this contact form.  One of our attorneys will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


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