Texas City Teenager Struggles to Recover from Fatal DUI Crash

Posted on Jun 25, 2009

A terrible crash with a drunk driver left 17 year old Priscilla Selvera with devastating injuries requiring rehabilitation therapy.  Selvera was in a stopped car that was hit from behind by a drunk driver in La Marque this past March.


Selvera was waiting at a red light in a car with five friends when La Marque resident Jim Howard III, 28, crashed into the car.  The crash claimed the lives of two of the car’s passengers, Samantha Romero and Raquel Martinez, when they were crushed in the back seat.


Howard was charged with several counts of vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault and is being held on a one-million dollar bond in Galveston County jail.


This isn’t Selvera’s first brush with death.  Three years ago her brother Paul Salazar was killed when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver while riding his motorcycle.  The family did not get justice in that case as the suspect posted bail and police believe he has since fled the country.


Howard is now seeking to get out of jail and has an upcoming bond hearing scheduled.  Selvera will face Howard in court the day of his bond hearing.