SeaDrill Sued By Service Tech Injured While Working on Rig

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Seadrill rig technician injured due to ruptured hydraulic hose

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We have been hired to pursue a Jones Act lawsuit against SeaDrill on behalf of a service tech who was injured while working on the West Vencedor Rig in Angola. The West Vencedor is a semi-submersible rig tender-assisting drilling rig. Our client was waiting with his team to complete their job, seated on a hydraulic hose. What nobody on his team knew was that the hose was pressurized and had hydraulic fluid in it. As they were waiting their turn, the hose ruptured under our client, sending hydraulic fluid everywhere. It was so pressurized, it forcefully punctured his skin and shot hydraulic fluid into his body. 

Our client was sent to the medic by his supervisor, but fell faint while climbing the stairs. Medics were called, and he was immediately transferred to the Malongo Clinic in South Africa for medical treatment. Since the accident, our client has undergone ten surgeries to attempt to correct the damage caused by the hydraulic fluid that shot into his body.

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