Saul Hernandez Trucking Sued After Businessman Is Injured In Accident

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Saul Hernandez Trucking sued by Houston Businessman Injured In Accident

On October 27,2014, Milton's car was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler while commuting to work. Milton and the 18-wheeler driver exchanged information, and Milton went to an Urgent Care clinic because his back was hurting him. As the days passed after the accident, the back pain spread to his neck and right shoulder. 

Milton was telling a friend about the accident and how his back just kept getting worse, so his friend recommended he talk to VB Attorneys. We took his case and filed a lawsuit against the trucking company and truck driver. In the lawsuit, we claim that Saul Hernandez Trucking, the company that owned the 18-wheeler, was negligent in failing to properly train, instruct, and supervise the truck driver.


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