SAFETY ALERT: Reed-Joseph Product Safety Hazards / Recall

Posted on Nov 22, 2010
Information recently obtained by our Texas law firm is calling in to question the safety of products distributed by Greenville, Mississippi company "Reed Joseph."  In particular, the company's "Pyrotechnics for Bird and Wildlife Control" products (this company supplies the "Screamer Siren" and "Bird Banger") may contain safety hazards that could cause serious burn injuries, even when used correctly.  If you have any information on accidents or near-accidents involving Reed-Joseph supplied products, please contact us at (877) 724 7800.  Below are some pictures of Reed-Joseph bird and wildlife control pyrotechnics products:

Screamer Siren flares

Screamer Siren flares / cartridges

Screamer Siren

Reed-Joseph Flare Gun / Launcher

RJ 1 Launcher / Flare Gun

Reed Joseph Flare Gun

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