Russell Marine Named in Lawsuit Brought by Paralyzed Employee

Posted on May 06, 2016
M&G chemicals project at port of Corpus Christi
Russell Marine LLC

Russell Marine, a Houston-area company, is being named in a lawsuit brought by our client. They are being sued for failing to train their employees, failing to provide a safe work environment, and failing to properly supervise their work sites.

Our client was hired by Russell Marine in 2013 purportedly as a carpenter. He was assigned to work on the water on maritime jobs from day one. Without providing him with training or certification opportunities, Russell assigned him to work as a carpenter, a welder, a mechanic, a heavy equipment operator, and a pile driver in the time he worked for Russell Marine.

Russell Marine was hired to assist with the construction of the M&G Chemicals plant in the Port of Corpus Christi, as pictured. Our client was assigned to that project. On August 8, 2015, he was asked to help with the placement of a tie-rod. Unaware of any impending danger, our client had no time to get out of the way of a tie-rod that was being improperly transported by a trackhoe. He was hit by the tie rod - it hit his head, back, and left side. He was wearing his hard hat and never lost consciousness, but the force of the impact had done its damage. He was paralyzed in the accident and spent almost two months in the hospital before being discharged to attend grueling daily rehabilitative sessions.

OSHA - who was not notified by Russell Marine about the accident - did investigate the incident, citing Russell for a serious violation of safety methods, including securing the tie rod. OSHA’s report stated, “The employer did not furnish employment, and a place of employment, which were free from recognized hazards.” OSHA fined Russell Marine $6,300.


Our client has lost control over all voluntary movement, and continues to have additional major health issues related to the accident on August 8, 2015. He and his family have hired our firm to investigate all potential claims against Russell Marine. 

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