Pasadena Texas worker killed in SUV crash

Posted on May 31, 2010

Pasadena police are investigating the cause of an accident that claimed the life of a contract worker killed by an out-of-control SUV.  The worker, a 50-year-old man, was working on utility lines in Pasadena near Allen Genoa and Crenshaw Roads on Friday when the accident happened.


A woman driving an SUV swerved for unknown reasons and crashed into a ditch where the worker was located.  The worker was pinned under the SUV and killed in the auto accident.  Another worker in the same area was able to avoid being hurt in the crash when he noticed the SUV headed his way.


The driver of the SUV was seriously injured and was taken to Hermann Hospital for treatment.  There is no word on her condition and it is unknown if charges will be filed against her.


Single-vehicle crashes are usually very serious, as drivers often veer off the road and strike an object like a tree, utility pole, or other object before coming to a rest.  Usually it is the driver and the vehicle occupants that are injured in the crash, however as in this case passer-bys or workers can be seriously hurt or killed if they find themselves in the path of an out-of-control vehicle.


Drivers involved in a single-vehicle crash can find themselves facing lawsuits from people in their vehicle, people hurt outside of the vehicle, or from people whose property was damaged.

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