VB Attorneys Hired for Injury Lawsuit Against HITECH Concrete Pumping

Posted on Feb 06, 2013

Worker pouring concrete

A laborer who was injured on a job site in Katy, Texas, has hired our firm to help him.  Our client was doing cement work when a cement truck owned and operated by HITECH Concrete Pumping malfunctioned. This caused a large piece of equipment to violently strike our client, who was life flighted to a hospital here in the Houston Medical Center.  He underwent major surgery at the hospital and is continuing to see doctors for his multiple injuries.

Under Texas law, if you are hurt on the job but another company is responsible - you were at their work site, you were contracted to work for them, their employee injured you, their equipment is responsible for your injuries, and so on - you can pursue a third party case and not get stuck trying to navigate the worker's compensation system. A third party lawsuit allows you to sue the company responsible for your injuries directly. For example, in this case rather than pursuing our client's employer, we will be pursuing a lawsuit against HITECH. 

We will be seeking all of the available compensation under Texas law, which includes medical bills, lost wages, physical impairment, physical pain, etc.  Because the injuries are so severe, we are already working on putting together a "life care plan" for our client - a plan that sets forth the medical treatment he needs in the future and how much it will cost.

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