Curtis Bickers gets jury verdict beating offer by 40 percent

Posted on Apr 26, 2013

Curtis Bickers, one of the attorneys at VB Attorneys, tried a car accident case to a jury verdict in Harris County District Court in Houston. This was not a huge claim. However, it was a very important claim to our client. When the auto insurance company refused to move off its low-ball offer, Curtis took the client’s case to trial.

The trial lasted only one day. After the jury deliberated, it rendered a verdict that will result in a recovery of approximately $17,000. That is 40 percent more than the insurance company's final offer before the trial. 

So many of our clients ask, "What do we do if the insurance company doesn't offer a fair settlement amount?" Well, this case is a perfect example. We take the case to trial, and then the jury decides on the correct and fair amount. 

Curtis worked very hard on this case, as did his team of Christin and Angela. Congratulations to the entire team, including our client!


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