Vuk's former client Sam visits 12 years after his case settlement

Posted on May 09, 2013

Sam was 13 years old when he was riding an indoor roller coaster at Astroworld and was thrown from the ride.  That was 14 years ago.  Sam's father hired me to represent his son.  

I filed a lawsuit against Astroworld on behalf of Sam, worked it up, and in the end negotiated a settlement of Sam's case.  

As part of the settlement, I worked with financial experts to put in place an annuity for Sam.  This is a financial instrument that pays someone money over a long period of time.  In setting up this annuity for Sam, we considered his age, the years we anticipated he would finish high school and college, and many other factors.

The other day, 12 years after I settled Sam's case, Sam called me.  Sam wanted to meet with me, so Sam and I met in my office yesterday.

Sam told me how happy he was with the way we set up the finances of his settlement.  The parameters we put in place helped him through high school and college.  Sam graduated high school, then went to the University of Houston, where he obtained degrees in finance and marketing.

Sam said he was drawn to finance because of his exposure to the financial annuity we put in place for him as part of his settlement.  Sam graduated from U of H about 6 months ago, and now works as a financial professional with MassMutual Financial Group.

It was so gratifying to hear from my former client Sam, and to learn about how positively his financial settlement impacted his academic career, as well as his life in general.   

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