Family of 21-year Old Wellhand Hires VB Attorneys in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Machinery at a Well Site Can Cause Serious Injuries At just 21-years old, a wellhand was working hard to provide for his young and growing family. 

It was a routine day for him.  He woke up, drove to the well site in Orchard Texas and began working, just like so many days before.  The day went on with nothing very out of the ordinary.  He and the crew he was working with were in good spirits as the afternoon was upon them.

Shortly before 4:00 in the afternoon everything changed.  There was chaos.  Nobody knew what had gone wrong.

A work truck attached to the rig at the well site near Lake Road off SH 36 lunged backward.  There was no warning.  The wellhand was pinned between the rig and a wellhead.  His injuries were fatal.

The surviving family members have hired VB Attorneys to represent them in a Wrongful Death lawsuit against Workover Service Inc., based in El Campo. This is the company he was working for at the time of his death.

Attorney Curtis Bickers will be the lead counsel on the case.

Brian Beckcom
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