Ensco Facing Jones Act Lawsuit Brought By Crane Operator

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

Ensco Faces Jones Act Lawsuit Brought By Injured Crane Operator

A crane operator employed by Ensco recently hired our law firm to help him with his Jones Act injury lawsuit.  Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic, one of the leading offshore injury attorneys in the United States who has successfully handled numerous Jones Act cases against Ensco, will be taking the lead on this case. 

At VB Attorneys, we have handled many Jones Act cases against Ensco.  For example:

  • Engineer injured on Ensco vessel;
  • Dispatcher injured on Ensco jack up rig;
  • Ensco tactics in lawsuit;
  • Vuk's result in Jones Act case against Ensco recognized as top Texas settlement;

‚ÄčThis crane operator suffered injuries during a crane operation aboard the Ensco semi-submersible rig 8501, and had to have surgery.  At first Ensco acted as if it wanted the crane operator to return to his job full time.  However, as the medical reports continued to come in with worse and worse prognoses for the crane operator, ultimately Ensco fired him.

Because the Ensco 8501 is a semi-submersible rig, it qualifies as a "vessel" and therefore the Ensco employees working on this rig qualify as Jones Act seamen.  This means the Jones Act will apply to this crane operator's claims.  

Under the Jones Act, the Ensco crane operator is entitled to request compensation for various items such as:

  • Maintenance & cure;
  • Doctor bills;
  • Loss of offshore career;
  • And much more compensation under the Jones Act;

The Jones Act law was set up to protect injured offshore workers.  However, there are many components to the Jones Act, and it can become confusing to attorneys who don't routinely handle these kinds of cases.  

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