Concrete Pumping company sued after deadly crash

Posted on Sep 06, 2016

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C&C Concrete Pumping is being sued after one of their boom lift trucks was responsible for a fatal accident in Lewsiville, Texas, on Thursday, September 1, 2016. 

The two passengers of a Honda Civic that was rear-ended at high speed hired us to represent them along with the family of the driver of the Civic, who died in the crash. The driver of the Civic suffered massive brain damage and passed away over the weekend. 

The driver of the concrete pumping truck was reported as causing the wreck. Our firm is investigating the causes of the accident and pursuing a lawsuit against C&C Concrete Pumping. 

Why Commercial Truck Wrecks are More Serious Than Regular Car Wrecks

The physics of a car crash caused by a commercial truck are such that you are more likely to be seriously injured or killed than if you were hit by a regular car such as a sedan. The bigger the truck, the greater the impact on you and your vehicle. 

Large company vehicles are also required to carry larger insurance policies than regular cars. Depending on the truck and the company, the policy can reach into the millions. That matters when you're facing millions of dollars in medical bills or your loved one has been killed. Regular cars usually have small insurance policies.

Getting your injury or wrongful death claim paid by the truck's insurance company is not like getting your injury claim paid out by Allstate, Progressive, or GEICO. Unlike a regular claim where the company might pay a few thousand dollars, the insurance company will do whatever it can to avoid paying you. They train investigators and adjusters to do whatever it takes to minimize or eliminate your claim.

We've seen it all - they've sent attorneys and investigators to the scene of the wreck to have you sign papers that eliminate your claim; destroyed drivers logs that prove the driver was working more than the federal limits; destroyed phones and recordings from the radios in order to avoid admitting the driver was distracted; and pressure people into taking lowball offers. 

How to get the help you need after a trucking accident

Here's the truth - with the right attorney defending your rights, you can get the compensation you deserve. You can hold the trucking company accountable for putting unsafe drivers on the roads. You don't have to be pressured or tricked by their adjusters and investigators. 

At our firm, an experienced attorney will walk you through the legal process, help you make sure your legal rights are protected, and work with you to get the medical care you need if you were injured in the wreck. 

To find out more about how we help people who have been injured or who have lost loved ones in trucking accidents, give us a call, toll-free, at 877-724-7800. It's free, confidential, and comes with no obligation to hire us. Our attorneys will review your case and help you determine your best course of action. 


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