Coast Guardswoman Hires VB Attorneys After Truck Accident

Posted on Jun 25, 2014

Old Dominion trucking accident injures Coast Guardswoman

On Monday June 2, 2014, an Old Dominion 18-wheeler slammed into two vehicles on the shoulder of I-495 in Maryland and jackknifed. The two vehicles—a Coast Guardswoman and a Maryland state trooper who had pulled her over in a routine traffic stop—were on the shoulder of the road when they were hit. After colliding with the two vehicles, the tractor trailer jackknifed and spilled fuel onto the road, causing all lanes to be closed. News reports state that both the state trooper and the Coast Guardswoman suffered injuries.

The Coast Guardswoman has hired VB Attorneys to help her be compensated for her injuries. Brian Beckcom is the lead attorney on her case and will be conducting an independent investigation into the cause of this accident.

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