Brian Beckcom on Good Morning Amercia Defends the Crew of Maersk ship

Posted on Oct 04, 2013


Crew members for the Maersk Alabama are suing their former employer claiming that the shipping company and Captain Richard Phillips put their lives at risk. Now, as a movie that depicts Captain Phillips and his employers as heroes is being released, many people have taken a closer look at the case and have started to wonder how a situation like this could occur.

The hijacking happened in 2009 when Captain Phillips and his crew spent days as hostages of Somali pirates. The tale of the story is being made into a movie that depicts Captain Richard Phillips as a hero who sacrifices himself to the hijackers in exchange for his crew. Some of the crew members that were on board the ship at the time of the Somali pirate hijacking disagree and are now suing the shipping company for putting their lives at risk.

According to the crew members filing the lawsuit against their former Captain, the ship sailed knowingly, intentionally, and willfully into pirate-infested water without any armed security. He allegedly did this to save the company money. Crew members stated that there were warnings that the ship should stay at least 600 miles away from the coast of Somalia. Instead, the Maersk Alabama sailed only 250 miles away.

Good Morning America interviews Brian Beckcom about Maersk Alabama piracy case

When Capt. Phillips returned home, he wrote a memoir, which is now a movie that stars Tom Hanks. The movie shows Capt. Phillips as a hero, but crew members allege that Phillips actually put their lives at risk by ignoring numerous orders to stay away from the dangerous waters, and instead sailed too close to the notorious coast to try to save his company money and time. They have stated that Capt. Phillips failed to follow orders and that he was responsible for the ship being attacked.

The case, in which the crew is represented by Houston attorney Brian Beckcom, is scheduled to go to trial in December.

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