Attorney Brian Beckcom Responds to MSNBC Profile of "Captain Phillips"

Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Attorney Brian Beckcom discusses
With the Hollywood "hype-machine" in full effect for the upcoming nationwide release of "Captain Phillips", Houston attorney Brian Beckcom, who represents approximately half of the crew of the Maersk Alabama in a lawsuit against the shipping company for putting them in harm's way and ignoring multiple warnings to avoid the area, was asked by MSNBC to comment on the movie.
"The real heroes are the U.S. Navy personnel who bailed out the Captain and shipping company for their poor decisions and the brave crew members who - unlike Captain Phillips - actually fought back against the pirates.  All too often, when something like this happens, the wrong people end up getting credit.  The real hero isn't Captain Phillips - the real heroes are the men and women of the U.S. Navy and the brave crew members who fought back against the pirates."
The story on MSNBC is set to air in upcoming days.
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