How to Get Your Employer to Pay for the Costs of Your Work Accident Knee Injury

Construction workers are not prone to complaining about on-the-job injuries. They often come home with back pain, headaches, and other day-to-day pains, assuming it’s just part of the job.

However, many employees don’t realize that injuries that are “part of the job” should be paid for, just like any other part of a job—and if they are denied, a Turner Corp construction accident attorney can make sure you get what is owed to you.

Construction accident knee injuries may be caused by sudden trauma, but also by the repetitive physical demands of everyday work. Here are just a few knee injuries workers may experience while lifting objects, twisting at the knee, or suffering an accident at work:

  • Hyperextension. If a victim’s feet become trapped, the pressure on his legs may force his knees to bend upward, hyperextending the joint. This usually results in severe ligament damage and may require total immobility as the patient’s legs heal.
  • Torn meniscus. This injury is typically caused when a victim’s feet are pulled one way and hips legs are twisted in another, tearing the cartilage underneath the kneecap. Many victims assume they are not seriously injured and are even able to walk after the injury, only to slowly lose mobility in the days following the accident. 
  • Broken kneecap. A fall from a great height can break any number of bones, and the kneecap is no exception. A fractured patella requires immediate surgical treatment to remove bone fragments that can cause nerve damage and excessive bleeding.
  • Dislocated knee. Even if the bones in the knee are not broken, they may still cause considerable injury by separating and tearing the ligaments around them. A dislocation of the knee joint can be life-threatening if blood flow to the foot has been cut off; the victim may be at risk of necrosis, forcing him to have his leg amputated to save his life.

The experienced Texas injury attorneys at VB Attorneys know that these injuries put a considerable financial strain on the victims. Many are unable to work as the injury heals, and those who choose to work will often suffer reduced income and longer healing times.

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