What You Need to Understand About Insurance Limits for Commercial Trucks and 18-Wheelers

When you’re hit by another vehicle, the amount you can recover is limited by the amount they can pay, meaning that a lot depends on the insurance coverage they carry. For most passenger cars in Texas, that limit is $25,000, but for an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer, it’s likely that the limit is much, much higher—potentially up to $500,000 or more. On the surface, these higher limits may seem like good news for the victims of the most serious truck accidents. However, even with a better chance to recover fully, truck accident victims still have to fight for what they deserve.

18-Wheelers and Commercial Trucks Are Held to Higher Minimum Insurance Limits in Accidents

There are a lot of reasons truck accidents are different than accidents with personal vehicles, and the minimum insurance limit involved is one of them. State and federal laws lay out specific insurance requirements for commercial trucks and the minimum coverage they need to carry. The idea is that higher minimum insurance limits for large trucks will increase public safety and make companies focus on safe operation. It also ultimately means that the victims of accident with negligent truckers or trucking companies may be able to recover more fully for their—often extremely serious or disabling—injuries.

Higher Minimum Insurance Limits Can Be Both Good and Bad for Truck Accident Victims

While there can be benefits for victims, the higher minimum insurance limits also come with a downside. The severity of the injuries in a truck accident and the large amounts the insurance company may have to pay can mean that injury cases are a lot more complicated—and a lot more aggressively fought. This is a big reason why it’s important to have an attorney on your side after a major accident that involved a 18-wheeler truck.  

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