Texas injury attorney: When to seek medical care for a slipped or herniated disk

If you’ve been to the doctor this year for back pain, you are not alone.  Each year over 20 million people visit their physician to seek help for back pain, everything ranging from stiffness to more serious conditions like herniated disks and vertebral deterioration.


Slipped disk injuries: when to seek medical care


Symptoms of a slipped disk (also called a lumbar disc herniation) can come on slowly, or they can appear suddenly after an accident.  You may initially feel pain in the center of your lower back, which worsens to pain that spreads from your back all the way down your legs.  This kind of back injury pain can be excruciating.


After an accident that caused you to suffer a slipped disk – like a car crash, truck wreck, on-the-job accident – you may be wondering when you need to seek treatment.  Some patients like to ‘wait it out’, hoping that with home care and time their symptoms will subside.  Others would rather see a professional at the first hint of a back injury.  Who is right?


Herniated disk victims get better results from faster intervention


Recent research tells us that it is better to seek treatment sooner rather than later.  In a study that compared 927 patients with intervertebral lumbar disc herniation who sought treatment within six months to 265 patients who waited more than six months, those who got treatment within six months fared better.


These findings were accurate whether surgery was involved or not.  This means that not only did the patients who sought treatment for their back problems do better if they had surgery quickly, they also did better if they opted for non-surgical treatment.  Any way you cut it, getting medical help within six months of suffering symptoms of herniation is best.


Help with medical care for disk herniation


One reason some accident victims avoid the doctor is their concern over who will pay their medical bills.  If this sounds like you, we urge you to talk with an experienced attorney who has handled a large number of successful back injury cases.  We have that experience and we also have skilled lawyers for you to speak with about your concerns.  If your back injury was caused by somebody else’s carelessness, then they may be on the hook for whatever medical care you need.


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