4 Helpful Tips For When You Are Preparing For Your Deposition

For a personal injury suit you will be asked to do a deposition. Remember to always tell the truth and dress professionally.

What should I expect during a deposition?

During a deposition an attorney will ask you questions, under oath.  There will be a court reporter present to take down every question and answer.  Sometimes, depositions will be videotaped.  Depositions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.  This may seem overwhelming, but remember, your attorney will always be there to protect you from any harassing or badgering questions.

In almost every personal injury suit, the defense is going to request that the plaintiff (the injured person filing the suit) be available for a deposition.  This is because you, the plaintiff, are one of the best witnesses to the accident.  Depositions are taken under oath and can be used as testimony at trial. 

The most important thing during a deposition is that you TELL THE TRUTH.

During the deposition, the lawyer for the defendant (the person or entity being sued) will ask you questions about the accident or incident in which you were hurt.  During this time, the defense attorney is trying to get the facts of the case. She is also trying to determine your credibility and the way a jury is likely to view you. 

Again, this may seem overwhelming, but your attorney will be there by your side.

A few tips before a deposition:

  • Always tell the truth.
  • Dress up a little—you might be on camera.  Also, this helps with your presentation and how a jury may view you.
  • Keep your answers short and answer the question he asks you.  In other words, do not volunteer additional information—make her ask you.
  • Stay calm.

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