We're Hiring!

Our law firm, VB Attorneys, is looking to hire another lawyer. We are looking to hire a 1-5 year associate to help us in our mission to provide the best client experience of any law firm in the country. We believe in getting to know each client personally, in using cutting edge technology to serve our clients, and in providing free information and resources to those in need, whether they hire us or not.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a truly cohesive small team of experienced Lawyers. You will be taking depositions, attending hearings, preparing motions, strategizing with the founding partners, and doing “real” lawyer work from day one.

This won’t be the perfect job for everyone. We hire smart people to solve problems - not who hang around and wait for directions. If you prefer to be micromanaged, don’t contact us, because we only hire people with the ability to solve problems on their own. If you want to learn how to be a real lawyer by doing real lawyer work, then keep reading.

You need to show us that you are smart, empathetic, and work well with others. You need to be an original, someone who thinks outside the box, someone who seeks constant improvement. Oh, and if you use the word “whereinafter’ or “heretofore” or anything similar you’ll be automatically eliminated from consideration. Clients and jurors don’t want to hear fancy lawyer words -they want the straight truth.

We want people who are open to change, who seek out solutions to problems and not problems with solutions. People who are open-minded and curious.

We value productivity, but we measure productively differently than most. We don’t measure productivity in “how many hours did you work on that case today?” or how much time you spend at the water cooler or other silly so-called measures of “productivity.” We want someone who focuses on one thing and one thing only - getting the best results for our clients in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s all we expect. That, and to be an honest, caring, straightforward advocate for our firm’s clients. (By the way, our clients come from all walks of life, so you need to be an “expert” at interacting with all different kinds of people experiencing all different kinds of traumatic events.

If this job still sounds interesting, follow these instructions:

  1. Email me through the link on this ad to let me know you’re going to apply for the job and when we can expect your package (explained in #2). We’ll give you an email address which you can use to Dropbox your package to us. (If you don’t know what Dropbox is or don’t know how to use it, don’t apply.)
  2. Put together a package including your resume, salary range, letters of reference, writing samples, videos of you in action, and anything that you think would convince us to invite you to join our team and Dropbox it to us at [email protected]

For the right candidate, this may very well be the most exciting job opportunity you’ll ever find. But before you apply, be sure that you’re 100% committed to becoming a superstar lawyer as quickly as you can.


Can’t wait to hear from you,

Brian Beckcom

Founding Partner, VB Attorneys

Houston, Texas

P.S. Check out our website, VBAttorneys.com, and our various social media feeds to learn more about us before you apply.


Brian Beckcom
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