Are drivers of certain cars more likely to receive a ticket?

When you climb into your car and head out onto the Texas roads and highways, you probably aren’t thinking about being pulled over by a state trooper and ticketed.  You also probably don’t realize that the type of car you drive is an indication of just how likely you are to be ticketed.

Unfortunately, since a recent study examining the correlation between vehicle model and number of tickets was performed by a company that provides information to auto insurers, your premiums might reflect the results.  If you drive one of the models shown to have a high probability of receiving a traffic ticket, your insurer might see this as justification for penalizing you with a higher premium.  After all, they may assume that if you are more likely to engage in risky behavior that would warrant a ticket, you may also be more likely to be involved in a costly automobile accident.

A word of caution for Hummer drivers, youngsters, and auto enthusiasts

A new study reveals that Hummer H2 and H3 drivers are four times more likely than the drives of other vehicle makes to be ticketed by police.  What is unusual about this finding is that other large SUV drivers were not high on the list to receive tickets.  In fact, drivers of other large SUVs were among the least likely to receive tickets.  The study authors weren’t certain what made Hummer drivers so much more likely to receive tickets, although they speculated that the high driving profile and sense of invulnerability might make them more likely to ignore or miss signs or road hazards.

The study authors also noted that with the exception of the Hummer models, the vehicles most likely to attract the attention of law enforcement officers were vehicles that appeal to younger drivers and those that appeal to driving enthusiasts.

It is easy to speculate that younger drivers – who are known for speeding and other reckless behavior by virtue of their youth and inexperience – would receive more tickets than other drivers.  It is also easy to speculate that auto enthusiasts would be tempted to test the performance of their vehicles in a way that would earn them extra traffic tickets.

The top 10 most likely and least likely vehicles to be ticketed

Automobile models whose drivers receive the most traffic tickets:

  1. Hummer H2, H3
  2. Scion tC
  3. Scion xB
  4. Mercedes CLK63AMG
  5. Toyota Solara Coupe
  6. Mercedes CLS63AMG
  7. Scion xA
  8. Subaru Outback
  9. Audi A4
  10. Toyota Matrix


Automobile models whose drivers received the least traffic tickets:

  1. Jaguar XJ
  2. Chevrolet Suburban
  3. Chevrolet Tahoe
  4. Chevrolet C/K 2500/3500 pickup
  5. Buick Park Avenue
  6. Mazda 6
  7. Buick Rainier SUV
  8. Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan
  9. Buick Lucerne
  10. GMC Sierra C1500 pickup


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