Our attorneys have put in place an agreement with Exxon relating to preservation of evidence in connection with the recent Exxon refinery fire in Beaumont

On May 10, 2013, VB Attorneys reached a written agreement with Exxon Mobil Corporation regarding a site control and investigation plan relating to the April 17, 2013 fire at Exxon's refinery in Beaumont, Texas.  This is a major victory for our clients as well as all of those who were injured in connection with this incident.  The agreement we negotiated ensures that:

  • VB Attorneys will receive 24 hours notice prior to any proposed disposal, alteration or destruction of evidence in what's called the "Exclusion Zone."  This zone is a gated area surrounding the site of the refinery fire;
  • Our law firm will be part of all discussions concerning how to proceed with the collection, testing, storage, and destruction of items or materials related to the incident;
  • Our lawyers retain the right to consent, deny, or seek Court intervention before any collection, testing, storage or destruction of any evidence in the "Exclusion Zone."

‚ÄčThis agreement resolved the Temporary Restraining Order our law firm obtained on April 23, 2013.

If you have any questions about evidence preservation issues in relation to the recent Exxon refinery fire in Beaumont, please contact us.