There Are a Lot of Ways You Can Ruin Your Truck Wreck Injury Claim With a Few Words

people talking after a wreckAlthough you may have heard us mention over and over again that it’s a bad idea to give a recorded or written statement to the insurance company after an 18-wheeler wreck, that’s not the only way to accidentally wreck your claim with your words. Unfortunately, trucking and insurance companies will look for any information at all that might help them minimize your claim—and they may be willing to dig deep or twist your words around to accomplish that task. Although you may be completely unaware of the potential issues at the time, you could make it more difficult to recover the compensation you deserve from a negligent trucking company if you aren’t careful about what you say when you are:

  • Talking with people at the scene. Whether you’re talking with witnesses, police officers, company representatives, or other people at the scene of the wreck, avoid making statements of fault or “guesstimates” about what happened.
  • Filling out the police report. In most cases, the police report is used as a reference throughout the legal process, and you can expect your words to be scrutinized—including understandably vague statements about estimated speeds, what you think might have happened, and anything that comes to your mind in the panic of the initial wreck. 
  • Arguing with the insurance adjuster or driver. You might be angry after you’ve been seriously hurt in a major truck accident, but don’t take your anger out on the insurance company or trucking company representatives—it will only reflect poorly on you down the road. 
  • Talking about accident or injuries on social media pages. You can expect the insurance company to look for your public accounts online, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.—and you can expect them to look through everything you post for evidence to minimize your claim.

A lot of the complications that follow a serious truck accident can be avoided if victims understand their rights and the battle for compensation they may soon be facing. Learn more about protecting yourself and your family after an accident by taking advantage of a free case analysis with our experienced attorneys or requesting a free copy of our book, How to Win Your Injury Case.


Vuk Stevan Vujasinovic
Experienced Injury Lawyer. First Generation American. Life-Long Texan. Husband. Father.