Texas Truck Accident Attorneys at V&B hired to represent driver injured in collision with 18-wheeler

Brian Beckcom and Vuk Vujasinovic, the founding partners of VB Attorneys, were recently hired by an injured worker who was involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler near Wharton County, Texas.  Another passenger was injured, and a third passenger died in the crash.

Although wreck happened recently and investigations have just begun, early reports suggest that the 18-wheeler pulled out in front of the driver in bad weather conditions, thus causing the accident.   It is anticipated that the trucking company will probably try to blame the driver of the other vehicle. 

According to founding partner Brian Beckcom, these kinds of accident need immediate investigation, because the DPS and other first responders may miss crucial evidence that can either win or lose a case.  Beckcom's firm has employed a professional, independent accident reconstruction expert to perform immediate work at the scene, preserve the evidence, contact witnesses, and take other steps to make sure the scene and the case are fully investigated and properly secured early on.

"All too often, in major 18-wheeler accidents, the insurance agents and people working for the 18-wheeler companies will get to the scene literally hours after the crash, while the victims are worried about their medical condition and getting better.  So while you are taking care of your loved ones, the insurance agents are working behind your back to protect their bottom line."

Beckcom says that it is literally a race to the scene to preserve evidence, and there is no telling what can happen to that evidence if it's not preserved in time or if the insurance people are able to access it first.

"Regrettably, the insurance company has a huge advantage early on, because they are concerned about their bottom line and not whether any injured victims are getting proper medical care.  So the insurance company and trucking company can focus all of their attention on protecting themselves, while you are taking care of your loved ones and not thinking about what the insurance company is up to," says Beckcom.

"Vuk and I actually handle the major cases ourselves, hands-on, unlike some other lawyers who talk a big game but then shuttle you off to someone else, either another lawyer or an associate.  We've helped all sorts of people and families through these truck accident cases, be it police officers, firefighters, teachers, preachers, workers, families, you name it."

Because Vuk and Brian handle all the major cases personally, they are highly selective in which cases they accept and which clients they represent.  As a general rule, they tend to accept only cases involving significant injury or a fatality, and they only represent clients who they believe have legitimate cases and who have values that match up with the firm's philosophy.

"A good example of the values of our firm are helping people who help others.  I remember the first case at our firm.  I represented a Houston Police Officer who was injured on the job when a drunk driver slammed into his parked patrol car.  Unbelievably, the insurance company (Allstate) jerked our client around for a year.  We finally had to take Allstate to Court, where we won a judgement more than three times what Allstate had offered our client.  Ever since then Vuk and I have tried to help people who help others, because it really gives you a huge sense of satisfaction as a lawyer to help police officers, fire fighters, nurses, active duty military folks and veterans, and other people who contribute to our society and need help due to no fault of their own."

As a free service to truck accident victims, Beckcom has published a number of free reports and books that you can download at no cost, right up front, which should give you a good idea of what to expect.  For police officers only, Vuk has written a report to give you an idea of some of the special circumstances that apply when you are hurt on the job. Request your FREE report now.

You can also find a bunch of helpful, free videos on VB Attorney's YouTube page as well as on our website.