Did a Truck Accident Cause a Brain Stem Head Injury in Your Family?

Brain stem injuries affect over one million Americans every year. Unfortunately, a semi accident creates the perfect environment for a head injury: heavy impact, high speeds, and the likelihood that a driver’s head will be thrown backward in the crash.

In addition to extreme trauma, victims will often suffer a brain stem injury due to prolonged loss of oxygen to the brain. These types of injuries are particularly dangerous because the victim may feel fine immediately after the accident, suffering symptoms hours or days later due to cranial bleeding and swelling of the brain. 

Many of the body’s internal controls are regulated in the brain stem. If the trauma is severe enough, an injury victim may be unable to control his own vital responses, including:

  • Breathing. Victims may require the use of a respirator for temporary or long-term use.
  • Consciousness. Brain stem injury victims in Texas may lose consciousness or go “in and out” of a conscious state for weeks or months after the accident occurs.
  • Heart rate. Patients may need pacemakers to help them control their pulse rates or make their heartbeat regular.
  • Attention and concentration. If the victim regains consciousness, he may have trouble concentrating or reacting to family members.
  • Sleep and wake cycles. A brain stem injury may cause a patient to sleep for long periods or suffer from insomnia, creating a broken sleep pattern.

Our truck crash attorneys know that brain injuries usually result in serious complications, including behavioral, cognitive, or physical impairments. Many victims will cope with the effects of a brain stem injury for the rest of their lives, suffering partial or complete physical disability, coma, or even a minimally responsive, vegetative state.

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