What to Do after You Suffered a Debilitating Knee Injury in a Texas Semi Crash

Our attorneys know that when an injury takes away your ability to walk, it can have a devastating effect. Victims suffer a loss of independence, in addition to a loss of income and the inability to cope with increasing medical bills. Depending on the extent of an injury, victims may even suffer the effects of a knee injury for years to come.

However, not all is lost. By pursuing a case against the trucker who hit you, you may be able to recoup the past and future cost of your injury, including:

  • Torn ACL. The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a primary ligament in the knee that allows the joint to bear weight. If you experienced sudden impact on the side of your knee, the ACL may tear, causing a “popping” sound, severe pain, swelling around the knee joint, and having the knee “buckle” or “give out” underneath you.
  • Broken kneecap. Patellar fractures, or broken kneecaps, may sound like a simple injury, but they can have life-threatening consequences. These breaks can disrupt the blood flow to the leg and cause permanent nerve injuries, so they almost always require immediate surgery to remove bone fragments.
  • Torn meniscus. Victims who suffer a torn meniscus often don’t realize it at the time of impact, but find that their leg has grown more stiff and painful in the days after the crash. The meniscus, a layer of cartilage under your kneecap, can be torn away from the bone if your foot was forced in a different direction than your leg. Common treatments include rest and pain medication, but some victims may need surgery to realign the knee joint.
  • Dislocated knee. If the accident caused the bones in your knee joint to separate, there is a very real chance that the ligaments and blood vessels connecting the upper and lower leg may be severed. A dislocated knee must be treated quickly, since extreme blood loss could result in amputation of the leg.

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