Personal Injury Trials in Texas: Bench Trials vs. Jury Trials

What kind of trial should I expect for my injury case? Good question, lets talk about options for different kinds of trials:

Bench Trials in Texas

In a bench trial, the judge will be the ultimate fact finder and will make determinations after having had the evidence presented to her. One judge will decide whether the other party is at fault and how much money you are entitled to receive. It is said in some jurisdictions outside of Texas that a bench trial is a faster way to get a ruling. This does not make a difference here in Texas, and is rarely the recommended practice in Texas. 

One proviso: If you want to represent yourself, (and you should think twice on this), a bench trial is probably going to be your best option. More often than not the judge will be more patient with you than jury and might, no guarantee—might—allow some informality to the proceeding.

Jury Trials in Texas

In your personal injury case, you have the option to make a jury demand.  In fact, both sides do—so frequently you will have jury whether you want one or not. A jury trial has certain benefits:  you and your lawyers (along with the other side) play a part in selecting a jury; the jury may be more likely to consist of people who identify with you or at least parts of your case. 

Typically, a jury trial is your best choice in a personal injury case. The preparation and discovery evidence that is required to present a winning case is as crucial as if you were to prepare for you own trial by combat. This work is best left to experienced attorneys in order to protect the value of your claim.

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