Toyota Defect Lawyer explains how the Toyota Class Action Cases are different from the Toyota Individual Injury Cases.

We get a lot of calls from people who have been involved in accidents involving a Recalled Toyota, as well as people who have a Recalled Toyota but have not been in any accident.

People in these situations will fall under two different types of cases.

People who have been injured in a Toyota Recall Accident will have an Individual Injury case.  This means they can file a lawsuit against Toyota by themselves.

People who have lost money on the re-sale value of a Recalled Toyota will also have a case, but it will likely be a Class Action.  A Class Action is a large group of people who have very similar claims.  Most lost value Toyota cases will fall under a Class Action.

People who have been injured in a Toyota Recall Accident often ask us if their case will be put in a Class Action.  We tell them no, their case will not fall under a Class Action, as it must be pursued on its own.

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