Social Host Liability: Could You Be Responsible For Intoxicated Guests Who Cause Accidents In Texas?

Texas Social Host Liability Law and Your Car AccidentDepending on the laws of your state, someone throwing a party and serving alcohol could be found responsible for a traffic accident or other injury that occurs because of the actions of an intoxicated guest. Called social host liability, you may be responsible for damages in some states if you serve alcohol to someone at your home who then causes an accident or an injury.

What are the Social Host Liability Laws in Texas?

Unlike some other states, you will likely not be responsible for the actions of adults after they leave a party at your home. However, there are two important exceptions to this rule. You could be held liability for an accident or injury if:

  1. You knowingly serve alcohol to a minor in your home.
  2. You recklessly serve alcohol to an intoxicated person who you understand will be driving home or who will be putting others in danger.

How to Throw a Safe Party:

  • Consider having your party at a local restaurant or bar that is legally licensed to serve alcohol.
  • Consider having a shuttle service or taxi service easily available to your guests.
  • Be absolutely certain that you are not serving minors at your celebrations!
  • Offer your guests the option of staying the night at your home if they overindulge.
  • If someone becomes visibly intoxicated, take action. Make sure that they do not drive and do not continue to serve them alcohol.

If you or your child have been injured because of a negligent party host in Texas, you may be legally entitled to compensation. Find out more about your rights after being injured when you read your free copy of How to Win Your Injury Case. 

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