Texas Burn Injury Victims: Potential Burn Injury Complications

Suffering from a burn injury?  You are probably in pain and wondering when it will get better.  If you are considering a lawsuit or already involved in one, you may also be thinking about the future.  Will you suffer complications or problems down the road?  If you do – who will pay for them?


As difficult as it is to think about, it is important to consider the future as you recover from your burn injury.  A lawsuit is one way to secure fair compensation for your injuries, compensation that can be used to help you in the future.


Potential burn complications can include:

  • Infections: local infections like bacterial infections (especially staphylococcus).
  • Increased risk of sepsis (a blood infection that can affect your whole body), which can cause shock, organ failure, or even death.
  • Severe scarring and keloids (scar tissue overgrowth) can result, which can be disfiguring and uncomfortable.
  • Hypovolemia, or low blood volume, can happen if you lose a lot of fluid because of damaged blood vessels, leaving your heart unable to pump enough blood through your body.
  • Hypothermia, or low body temperature, can occur if you have lost or have injured a large amount of skin (your body won’t be able to hold in heat without skin).
  • Respiratory problems, if you inhaled hot air or smoke during your burn accident.  Your lungs can be damaged and it can lead to respiratory failure.
  • Problems with your bones and joints.  Serious burns that result in scar tissue can cause contractures, which the term for what happens when your muscles, tendons or skin shorten and tighten, making movement difficult and even sometimes pulling your joints out of position.


These are just some of the complications that can result from a serious burn injury, complications that may require additional hospitalization, physical therapy, medication and more.  Please make sure that your attorney considers what the future may hold for you when determining a fair amount of compensation after a burn accident.


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