Texas Defective Tire Lawyer Explains Tread Separation

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about defective tires or tread separation.  There have been some very high profile tread separation accidents in Texas and across the United States over the years, accidents that have cause serious injuries or even death for innocent motorists and their families.


Tread separation is the most common type of problem for steel belted radial tires, the most common type of tires used in the U.S.  When the tread of a tire separates, it can lead to a “blow out” where air forcibly leaves the tire.  This in turn can cause the vehicle to become unstable, and a driver caught off guard by a tread separation can lose control and crash.  Rollover crashes after a blowout are a particular danger for vehicles with a high center of gravity like light trucks and SUVs.


Why does tread separation happen?


Tread separation can be due to a design defect or a manufacturing defect.  A design defect means that the original plans for the tire were done improperly or contained a flaw.  With a design defect, all tires built on that design will have the flaw.  A thorough review of the original design specifications for a given tire can be done to uncover any design defects.


With a manufacturing defect, a mistake is made during the tire manufacturing process.  Depending on the type of error, it can affect one tire to many tires.  The manufacturing defect could be the result of a poorly designed tire making machine, improperly maintained tire manufacturing equipment, inadequate quality control at the tire factory, incomplete final inspections after manufacturing, or a mistake made by the person putting the tire together.  A thorough investigation is often needed to uncover the cause a tire separation incident.


One kind of tire manufacturing defect that can lead to tread separation is poor bonding of the tire components during manufacturing, leading the steel, brass, and rubber used in holding the tread onto the tire to separate from one another. 


What to do if you are in an accident caused by tread separation


If you are involved in a tread separation accident, it is very important to preserve the tire if at all possible.  Witnesses can inspect the tire, and photographs should be taken.  A great deal of information about the tire separation incident that will help your case can be gathered from the tire.


Don’t let tire manufacturers get away with making money off of poorly designed or poorly made tires.  Hold them accountable by contacting a Texas car accident lawyer with experience handling tire separation cases to discuss your case.


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